Monday, March 18, 2013

First Stop - Maui

Bright and early the first morning, our ship pulled into the harbor in Kahului Bay on Maui.

It's a small harbor, and a large ship, so a little help from the tugboat was appreciated.

Ever wonder how all those rental cars get to the islands? I found it strange that there is no car ferry between the islands. I think it would be a great idea.

We were escorted off the ship by a dolphin. Wait a minute - where's the hot guy from yesterday???

We're here for 2 days, so we rented a car and drove ourselves around. The harbor is on the north central part of the island, and the first day we drove around the western half of the island.

The northeast part of that loop is a scary, one lane road. This is the first time I've been here that rental cars were allowed on it.

There are some small communities along the road.

And some fantastic scenery.

We even saw a sea turtle out in the water.

When we got to the west side of the loop, we stopped for lunch at McDonalds. They must have their trash cans made just for the islands.

Hawaii travel hint - McDonalds in Hawaii have the same prices as on the mainland. Burger King's prices are twice as much. Guess where I wanted to go!

North of Lahaina, there are some remnants of the sugar cane plantations of a century ago.

You can ride the train today, but is was out when we were there. But this is the turntable where it turns around.

Ooooooo!!! Rusty stuff!!! (I'll bet you knew that was coming...) This is one of the mill rolls that squeezed the juice from the harvested sugar cane.

Lots more to come - stay tuned!


  1. We've never been to Maui. Just beautiful. But there just isn't anything that isn't beautiful over there. Glad you found your rusty stuff.

  2. OHHHH what fun, Hawaii is one of the 3 states IVE yet to visit...SO I cant wait to see what you share from the rest of this far it looks AWESOME!!! Enjoy and be safe.

  3. We'll "do" Hawaii some day. Reading along with interest!

  4. Great picture of the sea turtle. That's something you don't see everyday!! There are certainly some beautiful places on Maui.


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