Friday, February 22, 2013

It Never Snows in Southern Arizona -- Or Does It?

A rainy cold spell can turn the tops of the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction, AZ white. But I have never seen the snow line so low!

I'm parked at "Lake Moose Lodge." Perhaps I should have thought about this before I parked...

Last night a bunch of us went out to Superstition Skies to see my favorites, Brant and Kerry.

One of my new friends at the neighboring table was celebrating a birthday, complete with a donut cake. I took a picture hoping to get a donut. It worked!

Max showed up late with some white stuff on his shoulders. That can't be dandruff, can it?

Oh no! Everyone ran outside to get a look.

It's really snowing down here!!!

When I got home, my steps were covered with slushy material.

Today, we went out to the Elks Lodge to see the WINs who are parked there. There's still some white stuff on the Superstitions!


  1. Weren't those mountains just an incredible sight! Sounds like you had a good time with B&K. Jim is finally starting to feel better so maybe we can quit hibernating.

  2. Wow, snow! Thank goodness you were parked and not traveling in it.

    Just a little reminder of what you don't miss anymore... ;c)

  3. Snowy AZ mtns are always a sight to see. Just love it there.

  4. The mountains sure look beautiful, but I am glad I am not there:)

  5. That is too funny you moved to Az. To get away from the cold and snow and it follow you. As always the best blog on the web.

  6. OHHHH how cool is that? We had snow last was fun to have around for a day or two, but it was good to see it melt too!

  7. The mountain tops east of Q were covered, too! I was grateful the stuff stayed on the mountains!

  8. I knew I could count on you to take pictures of the momentous occasion. We were all pretty excited.

  9. I was driving all over Mesa and Queen Creek and couldn't take my eyes off the Supes. Love seeing snow on the mtns.

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  11. The really sad part, they said the last time it snowed there was several years ago, and I was there then too.


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