Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Sleepy Island of Kaua'i

The next morning, we woke up in Nawiliwili Harbor on the sleepy island of Kaua'i.

Once again, we rented a car, and then headed for the road on the west side of the island above Waimea Canyon.

At the end of the road, you get a view of part of the Na Pali Coast.

Tomorrow night, we'll be sailing by the coast, so we'll see it from a different angle.

You can also sort of get a view in the distance of Wai'ale'ale, one of the wettest spots on earth, with more than 450 inches of rain per year.

Another way to see all this is by helicopter - there were lots of them out flying about.

And, we saw quite a bit of wildlife - many, many wild chickens.

Do you ever wonder how things get to Hawaii?

I think this is a Pacific Golden Plover, called a kolea in Hawaiian.

We never did see any néné. They are an endangered relative of the Canada Goose.

On our way down the mountain, we stopped to see the historic Menehune Ditch.

It's an ancient water course built a long time ago by the Menehunes, or Hawaiian dwarfs.

At the same spot is the swinging bridge that crosses the Waimea River.

Kind of scary to walk across, but of course I did...


  1. Beautiful pictures. You're braver than I am, to walk across that bridge!

  2. You like to live life on the edge, don't you? You cross swinging bridges, you hike thru lave tubes and you wear Hawaiian shirts in public... ;c)

  3. Check out the Secret Tunnel Hike; it's the best (albeit hardest, but it isn't all that hard if you're an experienced hiker) hike on the island. It's wet as you go through the rain forest on the mountain and then you hike about a mile or so through an abandoned irrigation tunnel through the mountain to the north slope. Quite cool.

  4. You can also go on a kayak trip up the Waimea River and swing on the same rope swing that Harrison Ford was on in the original Raiders of the Lost Ark movie. They filmed a bunch of movies on the island; Wailua Falls was used in Fantasy Island and the dock that was used on Fantasy Island is near the Spouting Horn and the flower garden place

  5. Thanks, Neil - we intend to come back here for a week sometime and do all the things you mentioned!

  6. What beautiful photos - you must be having a great trip. Love the bird shots! Hawaiian Dwarfs? That's interesting - does the tunnel have a low clearance, is that the story? I'll have to look that up. :)


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