Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

My favorite part of Las Vegas is Fremont Street. A huge overhead screen, 4 blocks long, with 12 million lights, presents a show every hour in the evening.

The first hour was a Halloween bash.

While waiting for the next show, I saw some interesting tourists.

New this year is a zip line down the middle of the street.

And I had to go visit the money at Binion's - the closest I'LL ever get to a million dollars!

Then came the next show - my favorite, American Pie, the huge hit by Don McLean. While no one is really sure what this song is about, the first part is definitely about the day Buddy Holly died. I visited Clear Lake, IA, where Buddy Holly sang his last concert, a few years ago. To read about it, click here.

When Don McLean was asked what "American Pie" meant, he replied, "It means I never have to work again."

While in Vegas, we went to see Terry Fator. The shows in Vegas are a lot more expensive than they used to be, but this show was amazing!

Terry won the second season of America's Got Talent - he's an incredible combination of ventriloquist, impressionist, comedian, and singer.

Walter T. Airedale is the puppet that Terry has had the longest. Watch how Terry's lips don't move at all, while Walter sings one of my favorite songs.

During the show, Terry coerced an ex-Marine onto the stage to become a human puppet.

He then proceeded to sing a duet with the new Dolly Parton look-alike.


  1. Hey Diana, if it makes you feel any better - if I had a million $$$, I'd be doing what you are doing!

  2. I loved Terry on AGT. He really is amazing.

  3. Finally - I now know what American Pie means. Always wondered about that song.

    Loved your shots and videos of Vegas. Looks like you are having a great time.

  4. We have never been to Vegas before, definitely somewhere we want to go in the future. I have heard that the shows are pretty expensive now.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. When we were in Vegas, we missed Fremont Street. Don't know how that happened. We'll have to rectify that on the next visit.

  6. Hey that's MY million dollars! I got my picture at Binion's just a couple months ago. You know, a little positive imagery.

  7. Oooo, I love the Halloween clip. I missed that one.

  8. My question is can anyone ride that zip line? Sure looks like fun.
    I'm with you, Mr. Fator is very good.


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