Monday, October 31, 2011

Railroad Tunnel Trail

The Railroad Tunnel Trail, near Boulder City, NV, follows the path of a rail line built in 1931 to haul materials to construct Hoover Dam.

It's usually possible to walk all the way to the dam, but the trail was closed at last of the 5 tunnels for construction.

You get beautiful view of Lake Mead on one side of the trail.

It took 5 months, working round the clock, to drill the tunnels, through hard volcanic rock.

Portions of some of the tunnels have since been reinforced with wood.

At one place on the trail are some broken concrete plugs that were used as placeholders in the powerhouse floor of the dam until the turbines were installed.

We were very near Vegas and one night went to karaoke at a honky-tonk at the Treasure Island casino. Where else would you see karaoke singers in outfits like this?

I even got to meet Willie Nelson! (Believe that and I'll tell you another one...)


  1. The resemblance is there but the real Willie looks a little more shopworn.

  2. Good to see you posting again--it's been awhile since your last and I live vicariously through you bloggers! Like the tunnel story--Rails to Trails is a wonderful concept. It "could" be Willie around LV. Years ago I played blackjack with Connie Stevens "Cricket" at the time. The last time out I had drinks with David Alan Coe whom I had met before. LV is famous for leaving the famous alone. Keep the posts coming! Collier Carlton

  3. The Railroad Tunnel Trail is quite interesting. I bet it took much hard work to dig out that rock.
    Hey, he did look like Willie!! :-)

  4. Thanks for the tour. I have never heard of the RR Trail.
    What would posses someone to wear that...or should I say not wearing?

  5. That was you in the Karaoke picture, wasn't it? It's a little blurry so it was hard to tell.

    Did Willie invite you down to his ranch to see his garden? I hear he grows medicinal herbs. ;c)

  6. I think he looks a 'bit' better than Willie looks :)

  7. I didn't see all that info on the creation of the railroad - or maybe I just didn't pay attention. Good job.

  8. Karaoke can be painful enough without having to look at ill-dressed singers! Actually he looks like a well-fed (non-drugged?) Willie.

  9. How do you find all these interesting spots? I love your post as it provides us with some places to check out now that we are newbies. Do you have any advise that could save us a lot of pain/hardship? Ww are looking forward to meet people and maybe some traveling buddies. Keep the post coming...Happy trails. Jerry & Deb


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