Monday, October 3, 2011

Back East for Mark's Wedding

My son, Mark, got married this past weekend, so I flew back to Washington DC for the wedding, and to go see my father in Pennsylvania. My daughter and her family also flew in, so be prepared for some shamelessly-cheesy-grandkid-pictures.

The rehearsal dinner on Saturday was a hit with Mara. She loves pasta - must take after her grandma...

On Sunday I brought my father down to my niece's house so he could spend some time with his great grandkids before the wedding.

Arriving at the wedding - Mara was a flower girl, and Jonathan wore his tux. In the background are my great-nephews, Adam, Anthony, and Andrew.

The wedding took place on the Spirit of Washington, a boat on the Potomac River. It was supposed to take place on the deck, but since the temperature was about 45 degrees, it was moved indoors.

After the ceremony, Mark and Carisa braved the cold to get some pictures on the deck with the wedding party.

Mark with 2 of his groomsmen.

The reception and dinner were back indoors.

The cutting of the cake went well, up until this point, when the smushing occurred.

Then there was the "carrying over the threshhold" part. No, he didn't drop her...

Bailey and Mara made adorable flower girls. Since Mara is an old hand at it, she showed Bailey the ropes.

After dinner, there was time for pictures. Since I hardly ever see my two kids, Mark and Corrie, together, I had to have one of them.

And one of the 4 generations. (You'd think that since my father is a photographer, he would learn how to smile...)

The music was not really my kind of dance music, but it was perfect for Jonathan to show off his breakdancing.


  1. I think the only thing better than camping is spending time with family. Good for you. Looks like you all had a great time.

  2. Always nice to visit with family. Good looking wedding party!

  3. Beautiful, Diana. I love weddings and I love family and I love grandkids when they are small. Well, big as well, some of mine are in their 20's but still great sometimes. LOL

  4. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone

  5. What a nice time, and a great place for a wedding. Too bad it was so cold.

    Nice to see your whole family together, and your grandkids are adorable. You need to learn how to break dance, you could amaze all the WINS!

  6. Beautiful bride and hunky groom. Very nice. So glad you got to spend time with your kids and grandkids. Family makes it all worth while.

  7. Great photos. Your grandkids are just beautiful, as was the entire wedding party. Loved the break dancing!

  8. So lovely! And on a boat! Umm, I bet Mara's Barbie needs a new white dress to match the beautiful one Mara is wearing. :)

  9. congrats to the happy couple!!..thanks for sharing the day with all of us!!

  10. Congratulations; and the Spirit of Washington makes for such a nice venue ... even if the weather didn't cooperate.

  11. Great post, Grand kids are the best the pictures showed a very proud Grandma.

  12. HOW wonderful!! I attended a wedding on the Potomac many years ago we got back into port JUST before a huge storm hit.
    Congrats and your dad looks Great! my Mom turned 87 today!

  13. Cheeze! Your grandchildren, mine or any of our extended grandchildren are precious to see and smile about.

  14. What a beautiful bride and lovely wedding. Such gorgeous scenery!!
    So glad you got to be with your family!!
    Congratulations to the sweet couple!!


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