Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

The ship stays in Moorea for 2 days, and the second day I went on a Photo Adventure Tour of the island with Renaud, a professional photographer. He offers photographic tips and interesting information about the island.

Here he's explaining the "Rule of Thirds." Although he probably didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, he reminded me to do a lot of things I forget to do. With digital photography, I tend to just shoot and fix it up later.

Here's my attempt at demonstrating the "Rule of Thirds." I should have ducked down a little.

We then went to the same pineapple fields we went to the day before -

But this time there were men picking the pineapples. Sorry, Renaud, this is a drive-by shot. By the time we stopped, the men had moved too far away.

Pineapple plants (and the pinapples) are very sharp and prickly. The pickers need to wear thick overalls and gloves.

I did get a shot of a baby pineapple in bloom, along with the back end of a bee.

Reynaud then took us to the only river in Moorea, where he showed us how to pan and use a slow exposure to get a shot of our truck zooming through the water, where the truck is in focus and the background is blurred.

Then we went to Belvedere, where I got a shot of the 2 bays with the beautiful mountain Rotui in the middle. Since I didn't have a really wide-angle camera, I had to put 2 pictures together.

I got a shot of Bali Hai -

And one of a local rooster. Renaud said no one eats the wild chickens on this island because they are really tough.

We then stopped at another place with samples of jams and jellies. Not too exciting, but it did have a bathroom.

We stopped at a garden where I was enthralled with this plant Renaud called a "Bird of Paradise," although it was different from those in the States. I liked how it captures the rain water.

Renaud carefully composed this shot showing the whole bloom in the background.

We then drove up to the top of "Magic Mountain." These two strips of concrete are the road!

From the top, you have a great view of the town of Papetoai, the barrier reef, and if you zoom in -

You can see the oldest church in French Polynesia. Built in 1822, it has been restored a few times.

Looking back at Belvedere, it's raining there while we're in sunshine. But all in all, we've been really lucky with the weather on the cruise.

Reynaud took this professional shot of me at the top for Mara and Jonathan. I don't want them to forget Grandma!

While I was on the photo tour, Phil went scuba diving with the sharks. Is he crazy or what?


  1. intersting topic on the rule of thirds. I'll have to try that out.

    It'll have to be here at home because I don't think I'll get to paradise any time soon.

    Phil is a daredevil, swimming with sharks. Better him than me.

  2. Well, this proves it. Phil is just plain nuts. Swimming with sharks would not be anything I would do. Interesting road. That Bird of Paradise is really fascinating.

  3. Beautiful did a great job capturing the beauty around you.

  4. LOL funny cartoon at the end!! Beautiful photo shots Diana just beautiful I really loved seeing the pineapple plant that is a first for me so thanks for sharing that and they sure do look like they could do some damage to your hands. That is so funny about the chickens being too tough to eat :o)

  5. You took lovely pictures even before this tour. Good Job!

  6. Just catching up on blogs. Sounds like a great trip you are on. Sorry to here about your hand. Hope that it heals quickly. Just curious, what made you decide to take this particular cruise? There are so many cruises out there. I do like the idea of a smaller ship, I don't like those huge mega cruise chips.

  7. thanks so much for the ongoing 'tour' of the islands!! Don't think I will have the chance to go so have really enjoyed it thru your eyes!!!
    missy from the bayou

  8. SUPER shots Diana..but your photos are always Great! You dont really need help--but I bet it was fun!
    Amazing scenery!!
    Im very happy no one eats the chickens they are so pretty and WOW Phil is brave--thats a lovely video he made of the amazing blue water, fish and a SHARK--Love the comic at the end...very funny.

  9. This has been a GREAT trip to enjoy vicariously, although actually being there would be even better! Super photos. You'll never forget this adventure!

    - Joe & Tracey

  10. Great pictures no matter what the rules. Hope to follow in your footsteps, what a great adventure.

  11. Cool island tour and yes, Phil must be crazy. But I guess it was worth risking his life since he got that great video of the shark.


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