Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Very Special Day

Last week my sister and I flew to Pennsylvania to help celebrate my father's 90th birthday! Our one-and-only cousin, Linda, and her daughter, Rebecca, were putting on a party at the local fire hall. This must be the place!

My father's usually on the other end of the camera, but he adjusted well.

Inside, the room was decorated with lots of old photos. Not only is my father a photographer, but his father was too.

Every table had a scrapbook page decorated with photos in a filmstrip.

Every attendee received a film canister filled with blue and yellow M&Ms.

Rebecca had the kitchen under control -

And they put on quite a spread.

My father never once sat down, not even to eat! He was having a great time "working the room."

The cake had 10 candles on it. It was just easier to count down from 100.

It was wonderful to visit with all his friends and neighbors. Some I had not seen since I was a child.

Gigi, my father's friend from camera club, was my classmate in high school.

I managed to get a picture of my sister and I with my father and my sister's kids, who flew in from Florida. It was a terrific day!


  1. Wow, what a special day! Your dad looks GREAT for 90. Reminds me of my grandmother, who went to China when she was 90 and lived to be 105. Looks like your dad is on the same track!

  2. Wow what a great party for your dad and does he ever look GREAT for 90... I'd a never guessed.
    Happy Birthday Dad!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  3. Happy Birthday to your father ... may he celebrate many more years.

  4. Your Dad looks great! Glad you got some family time. I can't wait to get mine!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday to your Dad!..may he have many more years to celebrate!

  6. How nice for your father to have such a celebration!

  7. ITS so wonderful your dad still looks super at 90! What a grand party you had too--I love the idea of the scrapbook pages on the tables, hope my mom will her 90th party in 3 yrs and that would be a great edition to the tables--
    We had a bash for her at 80 We all traveled to TN and the Fall Creek Falls Inn which is the area we all came from!
    WHAT a great cousin you have!!

  8. Wow! Scarey how similar our posts were. Our first sentence was exactly the same! It was a fabulous party and he is amazing.

  9. Your dad is still a handsome guy, even at 90. So nice you could honor him, loved the old pictures of him in uniform, too.

    So now I see where you get your photographer's gene from, sure does prove the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :c)

  10. I love the family stories!! I'm glad your dad's special day turned out so well.

  11. How lucky you are to have a Dad to visit! Echo: he does look great.
    Now I get it, you inherited the ability to take those photos!

  12. Happy Birthday to your dad! What a great party-I should look so good at 90.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad. Are you sure he is 90? He looks fantastic, sounds like he is very active and that is what is keeping him so young.

    I guess that is why you take such good pictures, the photography bug has been passed down through the genes.

  14. Looks like a fantastic celebration. Your dad looks great. Lovely family photos.

  15. Nice party! We may need some closeups of his pics. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hoo-rah! Very nice. I missed the explanation of the blue and yellow. School colors? Favorite team?

    Happy Birthday, Diana's dad!

  17. God has Blessed you! Your dad loves wonderful. You and your sisters make a beautiful family! What a nice celebration.

  18. Happy Birthday Diana's Dad! What a handsome guy! He looks like he's in great shape, too....didn't see any rust even!
    Regular reader, Jane


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