Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Naked Bookseller and More

There's a lot to see in this tiny town, including the (nearly) Naked Bookseller, Paul Winer. He's very photo-friendly, and has a great bookstore too. Of course, a lot of bloggers (including yours truly) come here to get blog-fodder....

Every year, the WINs have their annual Desert Golf Tournament while in Quartzsite. Each participant is given a golf club and a tennis ball, and the best hit of the team is used.

Another annual event we have is to go to "Somewhere" in Bouse. Yes, that's the name of the bar. They open it up one night just for us, and have a live band and burn-your-own steaks. Lots of fun!

When the WIN gathering ended, I moved over to where the Escapee Boomers were parked. I had never done anything with them before, so I thought I'd check them out. They were located up on a hill east of town and had a nice view of Quartzsite in the background.

There were a lot of rigs there. I'm on the far right, near the bottom.

Tom Doerr, one of the Boomers, took the last picture from his powered parachute. He went up every morning, and took off right next to my rig.

Farther out the road we were on are a couple old cabins.

People have gone to a lot of work to fix this one up, although no one really lives here.

The different kinds of rocks used in the construction were very colorful.

Nice signage -

And an interesting interior. There was even a big screen TV!

And a Victoria's Secret underwear tree!

The roof needed some work.

But there was a satellite dish for that big screen TV. I wonder how well that beer can works?


  1. Iwas afraid this was going to be X rated at the start. :-)

    Great post enjoyed. thanks

  2. How many photos do you have posing with Paul? Is there a new one every year, or is my memory failing me?

  3. That fella's skin looks like tanned hide! I guess it is after so many years in the sun. Your photos today gave me a good laugh. Love all the different colored stones on the cabin. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Great pictures! Wish I was still there, or someplace warmer than here!

  5. interesting 'bookseller'!..I guess he doesn't sell many books..hence the reason for no clothes. :)...we are reading all the blogs of the rv'ers in the desert..we are hooked..and can't wait till it is our turn to be out there in the middle of the desert!!!

  6. Diana, you really made me laugh! I have seen many pictures of the “Naked Book Seller” but generally from a distance. I really enjoyed your other photos too.


  7. LOL Lots of FUN in this post---
    next time get a shot of the nakey bookseller get one from the rear Ive never seen that Side of him..
    thats a very cool shot from air..I see your rig when I enlarge the photo...your back to solo again?
    That cabin is so cool...wonder if one could homestead there? Let me know if the beer can works Im gonna try it-hope it shows something besides Law n Order reruns which is about all we get off DirectTV these days-

  8. This was great nice pictures except the first

  9. Dear Diana,
    I am a faithful follower and love your blog!! I rarely post....just shy even when I am in the ethernet world. I absolutely love to dance and so long to catch up with your group everytime I see dancing photos.... Someday.... Thanks so much for all the work you devote to your blog. It really is terrific!
    Kindest regards,Missy from the bayou
    ps if you ever travel to Louisiana you have a standing invitation to park your rig at my house.

  10. I read on another blog
    that the naked bookseller is having financial troubles. Hope he stays in business since we didn't make it there this time. They did say he has a really good bookstore.

  11. Believe me Dixie you don't want to see the backside of the bookseller. I followed him once to where a book was (yes, I was buying a book) and it ain't pretty.

  12. Does the bookselller count as "Rusty Stuff"? His skin sure looks it. ;c)

  13. At least he keeps the sun off his his head and wears a hat.

  14. Well I thought I had seen it all but now I say the almost naked bookseller takes the cake for sure OMG I laughed so hard lol I love the little place out in nowhere that is cute I would like to live there :o) Hope you are having a good week!

  15. Well, I think you misspelled the booksellers name.
    I was certain his name was "Weiner" and not "Winer." Looks like fun!

  16. Hey Diana, That's a neat picture of you and the bookseller. I've seen him interviewed on TV. I think he wore more clothes then! You make me want to spend time in this place!


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