Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dance Rally and More

The Saturday night dance was Hawaiian Dress-Up night at the WIN Dance Rally.

There was a contest for the Best Costume. I did my best to work the crowd, but didn't win.

Before the dance, we had a Hawaiian Luau, complete with Kalua Pork. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating, and didn't get a picture of the food.

But I did get a picture of Phyllis and Jackie, who brought in the ice cream. Wow, that Phyllis is really hot!

Thanks to Max who got this video. I was too busy picking my jaw up off the floor...

On another topic, I've made another improvement to my rig. I had a fairly old non-digital LCD TV that took up my biggest cabinet, in the corner over the all-purpose table. It was also difficult to watch TV from the chair.

I bought a new thin LED TV -

And mounted it on the wall with a full-motion wall mount. I was a little nervous that it wouldn't mount securely enough, but it's in a stud, and seems very tight. The arms on the mount are also very tight, and do not swing around when I'm travelling. So I gained a huge cabinet, which I didn't have any trouble filling.

One more unrelated item - Why do all the ads on my internet pages tell me how to get rid of my wrinkles? Is someone on the other side looking through the internet at me??? That seems so wrong!


  1. There are a couple of scary costumes at the party, but it looks like fun.

  2. Very enjoyable reading and great pictures. I loved the dress. Don't worry about the wrinkles just do what I did, gain a lot of weight and let that pull the skin tight, there you have it no more wrinkles.

  3. I like your TV upgrade but the best view is the yellow flowers just outside your window. What a nice view!

  4. The first thing that caught my eye was the sea of yellow thru your window--is it spring in the desert already? Damn I missed it again..
    HOW wonderful that you have that super thin tv and more space in a cabinet thats priceless right? AND I see that same woman on my screen with the wrinkles--do we have to be constantly reminded that we are quietly wrinkling away---

  5. I'm with gumo and dixxe - all those flowers and sunshine too!
    Dancing stops wrinkles...really.

  6. Were Phyllis and Jackie in the video clip making ice cream shakes?

    Surprised that neither one of them made the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue... ;c)

  7. aloha!!..nice luau!!!..thanks for sharing your day with us..and good work on the tv install!!!

  8. I get spam about winning contests. "They" seem to think I'm gullible.

  9. The "before" picture was taken in the Fall in Lone Pine, CA. There are a few yellow flowers in the desert now, but not many.

  10. Nice TV!
    Who are the sexy ladies with the Ice Cream??? HOT HOT HOT!!!

  11. Everyone I know with an RV is pulling out the old CRTs and putting in new LCDs. What will be hard for me, and what I admire you for, is being able to live in such a small space.

    Soon enough it will be my turn and I hope to learn as much as I can from full timers like you to make the transition easy.

    Still, one of the hardest things for me to give up will be my 108 inch TV screen. Maybe I can mount it on the outside under the awning!

    John Cortesy

  12. Love the costumes that would be fun to be able to do something like that. Love the new improvements to the rig very nice indeed, I love the LED tvs, hubby got me one for our anniversary. Hope your weekend is nice :o)

  13. Looks like you had a fun time at the dance.

    Kevin has always said that they I like the change you made.

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. I love your desk set-up. I plan to just use my dinette table as a desk, but if I can find something else that works, I'd love to have a desk in my future RV. I get those wrinkle ads, too. I'll bet teenagers get acne ads - lol - and hate them just as much!


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