Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dancing My Feet Off

This week was the annual WIN Dance Rally. We had a blast! Dancing Judy provided dance instruction every day. This year there was a Hawaiian theme.

The rally is held at the fairgrounds in Casa Grande, AZ. It's kind of interesting, because all the workers are prisoners. The state prison is nearby.

Each year we have a "Talent/No Talent Show." The No Talent Band entertained us as we came into the hall. No practicing was encouraged or even allowed.

Various funny acts followed, but I thought the highlight was Mimi, the final act. Every one was rolling on the floor.

Every night we had a DJ play music at our dance, but one night we had a live band.

During one of their breaks, Bagpipe Bob entertained us. Did you ever wonder what is under that kilt?

Well, my friend Pat was determined to find out, and wanted me to document it. What did we find? I'll never tell...

Bob always has to get his picture taken with all his female fans. More on the Dance Rally later - I have to go dance!


  1. What a great time! Don't you just love your life?

  2. What fun! Did Mimi loose her coconut bra? That was hilarious. Ya'll have fun now.

  3. looks like great fun was had by all!..glad you aren't going to share what was under the kilt!!

  4. Swing your partner--
    What fun--Some funny stuff there laughter is the best medicine to keep everyone young and healthy!!

  5. What great fun!! I have got to figure out how to attend one of those Dance many happy smiles!!
    missy from the bayou

  6. Look foward to meeting Bob. Love the bagpipes and men in skirts. I know what's under -I peeked once, long ago!

  7. I'll have Marti save her wheelchair for you so your feet can recover.

    I feel exhausted just watching that dancing cow! Didn't know that WINS have such "wild life".

  8. I was glad to see another post that naked book seller war more than I wanted to look at. :-)
    This was a great post I know y'all had fun.

  9. Looks like we missed another good time.


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