Friday, January 28, 2011

New Stuff in Quartzsite

Want to buy a rock? Well, this is the place to go! It seems like each year vendors sell the same old thing. Not all of them are rocks, but I'm looking for something new and different. Let's start with food -

Watch out, Silly Al's (up until now THE place to get a pizza.) There's a new pizza place in town, the Ladder Truck Pizza Company, an old fire truck turned into a pizza cooker.

Another odd food vendor is this ice cream place, where the ice cream is made with this 1-cylinder machine.

New vendors in Tyson Wells, the outdoor flea market area in Quartzsite, include a Pink Store, where they were even selling a pink tool chest, complete with pink tools.

This guy was making any sign you want out of old license plates. Very clever.

I don't know why everyone has to bring their dogs shopping, but -

Here's a new booth catering to them. I always thought it would be much better to clean a dog's teeth without anesthesia. It was about $100 compared to the $300 or so it costs with anesthesia. And he was cute too!

RVers can't go anywhere without discussing black water problems. Well, here's someone who will take care of that.

And yet another company willing to take away "Yesterday's Meals on Wheels."

On Saturday, the "Big Tent" opened. There's quite a crowd, but let's see if we can find some new stuff.

This was kind of clever - a stretchy material that goes around your wrist and hold both you cell phone and credit cards.

This one I actually bought. RV Frames that stick to any flat surface in your rig, hold a picture, and can be removed and used elsewhere without leaving any sticky residue.

This one was new and fairly strange. I don't know whether they sold any. A Bidet Kit for your RV toilet.


  1. It sure is a lot more than rocks. I could go for the pizza, and ice cream. The rest-probably not. But is sure looks like a fun day.

  2. Lots of different things and services. I like the license plate signs. Thanks for showing us whats there in Q.

  3. great tour of Q..I, too would have bought the picture frames, but I don't think Doug would have appreciated the pink toolbox!!

  4. Great stuff!! That yesterdays meals on wheels...very clever--and how do they clean the dogs teeth, do they put them in a headlock of somekind? I think that bidet kit is kinda cool, and would work for any toliet, be great for seniors with arthritis issues.
    SO... did you get the doc's #?

  5. Thanks for posting some Q pics that are different from everyone else's. LOL! Stu loved the Ladder Truck Pizza Company.

  6. Clever, very clever those names for the tank pumping companies.

    You always come up with the most unusual sights, hope to see them in person next year.

    Now where to store all those rocks... ;c)

  7. What a hoot! Loved the tour and photos. Just wonder how they haul all those rocks from place to place - they aren't permanently set-up there are they? The ice cream looks like fun. Thanks for sharing your fun day.

  8. This is the second year we are missing the Q experience. So sad...I love finding all the new vendors. Some of the items just can't be found anywhere else. Feel free to keep sharing these adventures with us!

  9. Thanks for the tour!

    My brother used to own a septic business. Some of their parade slogans were:
    You clog it, we aug it!
    You dump it, we pump it!
    Dealing in Recycled Foods!

    and the little girl following their truck in the rodeo parade, on a little stick horse, had a sign on her backing saying: "I'm just a Little Poop!"

  10. That was a great tour of interesting things at Q ... clever marketing ideas. I like that arm stretchy thing; would be great when I go for a walk and don't want to carry anything but a key and maybe a credit card.

  11. I love the license plates and that firetruck turned into a pizza place is just wonderful lol

  12. I've heard of Quartzite for fifty X buys stone and makes things. But no one ever told me that all this came with the stone.

  13. I spent two weeks on my Quartzsite trip, and managed to miss most of what you posted pictures of. Most of that was spent with the Ruber Tramps, but I did get into town several times.

  14. Love all your Quartzite posts.. just got there for an afternoon this year. MIght have to take my rig for a few days next year .. the Desert Bar looks like a fun place. Thanks for the posts


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