Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Garbage Is Not What It Used to Be

Besides abundant recycling, "dumps" are now referred to as "landfills," and are highly regulated. Right next to Kurt's house in Wellton, AZ, is the Copper Mountain Landfill, where all the Yuma trash is taken.

Last year, Kurt arranged for a tour, and it was so interesting that we all insisted he do the same this year. This is a drawing of how a modern landfill is made. You might have to click on the picture to read the captions.

Our first stop was the site of the next area to be filled.

The whole area is sealed with a thick thick plastic liner, to create an inpenetrable barrier between soil and groundwater and what goes into the landfill.

The liner is then covered with soil and a layer of "fluff," gargage used as a protective layer so that the heavy equipment does not break through the plastic liner.

The "fluff" is then spread out with less-heavy machinery.

We then went over to the section currently being filled. This truck pulled up with barrels of some kind of non-toxic waste. The driver was told to move the rear axles of the trailer back to the very rear, because the trailer looked like it was rusty and might break.

He then disconnected the trailer and dumped his stuff. If you are in a hurry, skip forward to :35 in the movie.

Then the heavy-duty trash compacters went to work.

We were told that it was Vitamin E in the barrels. Maybe it was out of date.

Kurt put on a great gathering. And every night we had a gorgeous sunset!


  1. Very interesting, it s incredible how much waste we all generate. Sometimes there is just un necessary packaging on a product.

  2. WOW... who would have thought that a garbage landfill would be so interesting. Great coverage on the process!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Another great gem of an unusual sight on the road!

    Lots of precautions to protect the environment but how was the smell?

  4. Oh - I meant to mention that there was no smell at all!

  5. Education. A diet of learning, is I believe, a good way to stay young.
    Excellent report and photos.

  6. I've always wanted a tour of a dump! Thanks Diana. But I can't believe that that liner will last forever - only for a number of years and then seepage will occur?

  7. I was feeling pretty good until I read this post, and now I am down in the dumps. I mean really Diane, this post is basically garbage. (Tic)

  8. I love touring places like that. A friend of ours is an engineer at a local wastewater treatment plant and I'm really hoping that we can fit in a tour before we leave LA.

  9. Now that was really interesting; wouldn't have thought to visit a landfill, but you've piqued my curiosity.

  10. Thanks for an interesting report. Had no idea garbage was so high tech.

  11. Quite an interesting visit, who would have thought. There's all kinds of wonders to see , if you only stay away from the 'Big Blue' roads.
    Honestly though Diane, I never thought I'd here you talkin' trash!

  12. Kurt just takes you to the best places - first you get questioned by the border patrol, then visit the landfill. :-D Seriously, that did look interesting.

  13. you seem to be visiting some 'interesting areas'..thanks for the great moment by moment tour of the garbage dump!..good work!!

  14. I wouldnt have thought of taking a tour of the dump but that was interesting!! I visit mine quite often, taking away all the yard debris- its always interesting to see what others have dropped off-- I disagree with the no Scavenging rules--I think if someone can use something they should have the chance to take it! WOW that was a BIG Load of Vitamin E-

  15. Wow never had a lesson about landfills before but Im glad I did that is very interesting how the get the landfill ready for use, thanks so much for sharing the tour and I love the sunset picture just breathtaking :o)

  16. Nice job on the steps used at the landfill. Sure wish people would be a lot more careful with the amount of garbage that they create and would recycle more, it sure would help with the process.

    Kevin and Ruth


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