Saturday, June 12, 2010

This and That - The Rest of Iowa

We couldn't leave Iowa without visiting Miss Kitty's, a dance hall/bar in West Des Moines. We came for lessons, but unfortunately they were doing advanced lessons in the Hustle, when I barely know the basic step.

But the most unique thing about Miss Kitty's is the restroom. To find it, you go through the door marked "2P" --- The men's room is on the right, behind the mirror that has "Monster Bombs" written on it.

But wait -- that is no ordinary mirror! It's a one way mirror so that the men can keep an eye on their women while they're taking care of business!

One day we went back to Pella. When we were there on Memorial Day weekend everything was closed and we couldn't tour the Historical Village.

First on the tour is a trip to the top floor of the Vermeer Windmill.

The mill is still operational and grinds wheat every 2 weeks or so. The cute little Dutch tour guide let us taste test some flour.

The grindstone is 5' in diameter and 14" thick. Made out of concrete, it weighs 3500 pounds.

All the buildings in the Historical Village are filled with old furnishings, clothing and tools.

There were wooden shoes and a workshop where they were made.

This large organ named "Goliath" was made in Belgium in the mid 1850s. It is still played at Tulip Time.

There was lots of authentic clothing, but I liked this hat the best.

We stayed at the Corps of Engineer campground just below the dam at Red Rock Lake. I'm glad I wasn't here in 1993!

The campground had some cute wildlife.

But the strangest thing I saw was this group of turkey vultures on the road with their wings spread.

I tried asking this guy what was going on, but couldn't get an answer. I had to go home and Google it. Apparently, they are using the sun's heat to kill the bacteria they pick up on their wings when they are eating dead critters.


  1. Glad Phil hurried to take you photo - you couldn't hold your breath too long.

    Love the shots of the windmill. Also like the dutch hats. Can you imagine starching them?

  2. I love the picture of the two way mirror! Did YOU take the picture?? ;)

  3. HOWDY! That was a fun tour! I never knew that about those vultures...glad you found the answer-WOW that was some high watermark too...Glad you all are high n dry!!

  4. You would look very cute in that hat!

  5. Loved the windmill, and I love seeing what stuff looked like back then, and that flood level was a doozie for sure wow.


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