Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We temporarily left the Lewis and Clark circuit to visit Phil's relatives in Iowa. But first, we spent Memorial Day Weekend at the Marion County Campground in Knoxville, IA. (It was hot and we wanted electric.) It was packed, of course, but what a nice place - electric sites were only $12 if you were old, $14 if not!

I forgot to take any pictures of the campground, but this is the county courthouse in town. It seems like all Iowa county seats have beautiful courthouses.

They had a festival going on at the Historical Village and Museum right next to the campground. Lots of artisans in historical costumes, but I always check out the spinners -

To see if they have bare feet. And they always do! This one was not quite authentic with her painted toes...

The museum has many old buildings, including this well-stocked store.

Hmmmm.... That doesn't look too healthy...

On Sunday, we went to visit the Dutch town of Pella. The 1850s-style Vermeer Windmill is the tallest operating windmill in the US.

There are even canals running through the main shopping area.

In the park is a gigantic sundial.

Even the police station is cute!

And too bad I wasn't here for the Tulip Festival.


  1. That courthouse is gorgeous! You always find something interesting to do.

  2. Oh wow thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures I would love to visit there it looks so wonderful!

  3. The pictures are great and the commentary was very good.
    What's with the old for discounts.
    Seems y'all are having too much fun but that is a good thing.

    Dan (Bubbadan)

  4. IOWA is a beautiful state...been several yrs since I as thru there The area where you are visiting is quite pretty indeed! Enjoy that electricity--its HOT back here in SC Im back in the deep south again--HOT n HUMID is the word for now!!

  5. Of course, living in Iowa, I have been to Pella several times. Your pictures are excellent and amazed at the facts you record. Hope you checked out the Dutch bakery and butcher shops. Yes, Tulip Time is fantastic! Are you coming to Ames?


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