Thursday, February 18, 2010

Made It to Texas

The next night was spent in Langtry, TX, home of Judge Roy Bean, the West's most colorful Justice of the peace, in the late 19th century.

He pronounced his decisions in this combination saloon/billiard hall/courtroom, the "Jersey Lilly," and was known as the "Law west of the Pecos."

It was here that the Southern Pacific's Sunset Route was completed in early 1883.

Nearby are some "fixer-uppers" from the era, and behind them is a place where you can stay overnight for a $2 donation.

The last night on the road was spent at a rest area south of Laredo, TX, right across the Rio Grande River from Mexico. This border patrol guy was checking the area when we got here.

Evidence of illegal alien traffic was all over the ground. Can't they at least put their empty water bottles in the 2 big trash cans right here?

One of the first things on the agenda when we made it to the Rio Grande Valley was Gayle's birthday party. The singles are a big presence here, and everyone seems to know everyone else. In addition to snacks, margheritas, and birthday cake, there were 20 pizzas!

Gayle has quite a sense of humor - I just loved the napkins! It was nice to see a lot of the people I met when I was here last year.


  1. Looks like an interesting spot to visit!! Hate the trash...hate trash anyplace, anytime, anywhere!! Love those napkins...have a safe trip--

  2. I really loved seeing that Justice of the Peace house, and yes it is such a shame that they can not even clean up after themselves, Im glad you had fun at the party, stay safe :o)

  3. I probably mentioned before that I think when the border patrol catch the illegals, they should march them back across the border and make them pick up trash on the way.

  4. OH I ever agree with all the previous comments. You'd think the illegals would figure out that Border Patrol can just follow the trash trail to find their routes across the border!

  5. You are in a great place. We love Big Bend park and I love playing the open mic at La Kiva near Terlingua. Laguna Atascosa is a great place right outside of Harlingen. It is a good spot. Hope to make it back someday.

  6. Don't expet the Illegal Aliens to start picking up their own trash anytime soon. They don't respect our laws or our beautiful country.

  7. So, did someone actually see these "illegals" dumping their trash there, or are you just venting? Most people get their exercise by jumping to conclusions.

  8. You could tell by what the trash was that it came from Mexico.


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