Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Touring the US Capitol

After flying back East to see family, I am so far behind on the blog that I'm afraid I'll never get caught up! I saw my father in Pennsylvania, and my son and daughter-in-law in Northern Virginia. My daughter and her family also flew in from San Diego.

My daughter arranged a tour of the Capitol through her Representative, Duncan Hunter. His intern gave us a private tour. My granddaughter, Mara, was ready to go.

The Old Supreme Court Chamber was used from 1810-1860, and was the site of numerous landmark decisions, including the Dred Scott case.

All through the main floor of the Capitol are 100 statues, 2 from each state.

I think poor Father Damien from Hawaii could have used a better sculptor.

Each side of the Capitol has a kind of "mini rotunda." This is the one on the House side. We also got to see the House in action, but no cameras were allowed.

And this is looking up into the main rotunda.

Right next to the Capitol Building is the US Botanic Garden.

My pictures just don't do it justice.


  1. What a great family trip. Hooray for Duncan Hunter!!

  2. I never saw the US Botanic Garden - I would love that!


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