Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Rocky Mt Natl Park

Since I was in Longmont for 2 weeks, I went to Rocky Mountain National Park a couple more times. One day I took the Old Fall River Road up to the Alpine Visitors Center, at 11800' elevation. It's a one-way up only road, narrow with steep dropoffs.

Along the way is Chasm Falls.

The views are spectacular up above the tree line.

Even in the rear view mirror!

On another day, I went on the hike to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake. This is a popular hike, with great views and a very well maintained trail.

Dream Lake is just that -- like a dream.

More perfect trail up hill to--

Emerald Lake. You are so close to the mountains here that it's hard to get a picture.

On the way out of the park, a large bull elk gathered with his large harem. There were at least 10 ladies. Didn't hear any bugling, I think that comes in a few weeks.


  1. Wait a minute - on that first picture, not only are you driving up a narrow road with scary drop offs, but you took your hand off the wheel to take a picture!?! I thought I was brave on my bicycle!

    Love, love, love that hike - great shots of it and the impressive elk.

  2. Beautiful lakes. I think I've been there. But not on that scary dirt road!!


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