Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grand Junction

I'm definitely back in the West, when the elk wear cowboy hats!

Moving on to Grand Junction, CO, the WINs are set up at the fairgrounds. It's a great spot, although I don't think it's available for individual RVs. I was only there for a couple days, because I'm flying back east to visit family.

The only activity I did was a 6-mile, one-way, all-down-hill hike through Colorado National Monument. This aerial shot (that I shamelessly copied) shows our approximate route, from high on the plateau off the lower right hand corner to the valley at the center top of the picture.

We had great views all along the way, passing many of the park's major rock formations.

At times it was rather steep and rocky. Here I am being wimpy on a downslope.

One formation I especially liked was the "Kissing Couple," a little hard to make out from this angle.

And then there was the little froggy, that a certain Donna should like.

Wait a minute, I don't think that's the trail....

We were kind of pooped when we got to the end. Not enough for the ambulance, but it did provide a nice seat in the shade.


  1. OMG Diana, that is hilarious!! Thank you!!! Stu & I are sitting here laughing our heads off!

  2. Hey - I really like the aerial shot to show the trail, not to mention the whole park. Cool!

  3. That just happens to be my ambulance that i drive! Belongs to fruita.


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