Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome to Branson

The SI Rally was held at a private, member-owned RV Park in Branson, Treasure Lake. I hope this isn't a slippery slope! I really enjoy my boondocking.

There are many more "owners" than sites, so the storage facility is HUGE!

There are over 100 shows to see in Branson, but one of the most popular is SIX, a group of six brothers with incredible harmony, singing a capello. It sounds like drums and bass in the background, but that is actually 2 of the brothers. You can watch my illegally taped video, or for more on this amazing group, watch this.

Everyone in Branson can sing! At the Hard Luck Diner, the waitstaff take turns entertaining you.

This is our waitress, Morgan Loveland.

Oh wow! Next door to the diner is a HUGE Christmas shop. One of my very favorite things.

It's never too soon to sit on Santa's lap.

We also went to the Imax theater and saw a movie on rafting through the Grand Canyon. Here's another illegal video of mine showing what it's like, without having to get wet!

WIN member, Warren, lives in Branson, and invited us all over for Barbeque.

Warren's quite a collector.

We also went out to lunch at Lambert's, famous for it's "throwed rolls."

Here's a demonstration of how it's done.

In addition to the rolls, some very happy waitresses served free side dishes.


  1. Say Hi to Warren, if you're still there!!

  2. Hi Diana:

    Really enjoy reading your posts. Love the new videos. They are short and sweet.


  3. Looks like a great time, all the way around. Love the short videos. What did you take them with?

  4. Marcia,
    Good luck on your RVing dreams. It really is a great life. I took the videos with my new tiny Canon PowerShot SD1000.

  5. Hey, you didn't tell me you went to see SIX! Or the Hard Luck Diner! Or Lamberts! I also love the videos. I could even load them without broadband. Love that camera!


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