Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Riding the Ducks

After the Buffalo River, I moved up to Branson, Missouri to the SI (Singles International) Rally. There's so much to do in this town that it's hard to know where to begin.

But one thing I really wanted to do was ride the Ducks!

These are 6-wheeled amphibious trucks designed by GM during WWII to transport goods and troups over land and water. They're now used to entertain tourists in various towns.

After an entertaining ride through town, we went through the woods up a hill on something that looked like a sidewalk.

To an old quarry where an assortment of WWII vehicles were on display.

We got our first view of our destination, Table Rock Lake.

What? We're going in there?

The lake was really high, so we couldn't make the splashy entrance these ducks usually make.

Our captain, Captain Crunch. Wait a minute! Who's driving the boat?

Me!!! It was hard to steer, though.

The gang in back cheered me on -- Frances, Bob, Shirley, Bobbie, and Alaska Bob.

This 4-year old did a much better job.


  1. Diane if you would just smile.....

  2. How fun! I went on them in Wisconsin Dells. Didn't get to drive but since I was the only single person, I got to ride up front next to the driver. It was a wet spot!

  3. Aren't the DUCKS fun? We rode one in Pittsburgh and Terry got to drive.


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