Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

Since I don't kayak, I was more interested when the WINs decided to do a hike to the Indian Rockhouse. The Indian Rockhouse Trail winds across hillsides and along a beautiful stream to the spectacular Indian Rockhouse Cave, which once sheltered prehistoric bluff-dwelling Native Americans.

It required constant vigilance to avoid the poison ivy that bordered the trail.

The WINs hike the same way they kayak -- FAST! I can walk pretty fast, but I like to stop and take pictures. I was lucky to get one of a beautiful waterfall.

One of the many "teaser caves" we found along the way. This was a test mine from the 1880s when miners searched for zinc deposits. No zinc was found here.

Finally, the real deal, the Indian Rockhouse Cave. There are no ruins here, but it's a gigantic cave with its own stream running through it.

Coming back, rain started when we were about a quarter mile from the trail head. I was the only one who brought an umbrella along.

Another day we drove to the nearby ghost town of Rush, where zinc mines flourished in the 1890s. During World War I, most of the zinc produced was used to aid in the war effort. Production declined after the war.

In Rush, the remains of the blacksmith shop, active from 1925 - 1931.


  1. Have you tried kayaking? Mike and I just started, it's been pretty fun so far. I wish I could give you a link to his write-up of our first trip--well, I can, but it's locked for friends only like most of his posts, so you'd have to create an account and then friend him on livejournal... http://squarefodder.livejournal.com/

    I'm glad you started a new blog! Got it bookmarked. :-)

  2. Barbara and Ron, only a nerd would bring an umbrella on a hike, but I did stay dry.

    Tara, yes, I've kayaked, but two things keep me from really getting into it on the road -- I don't really want to carry a kayak around, and the WINS insist on racing down the rivers.


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