Monday, June 28, 2021

Off to Another Continent, But First...

I spent some time at the Provo Elks Lodge with my friend, Sally. This has to be the friendliest lodge I have ever visited!
We walked every day, usually on a great trail along the river.
This was almost a month ago, and the cotton from the Cottonwood Trees was all over the trail.
I left my trailer at the Provo Elks Lodge, and drove my truck all the way to my daughter's house in San Diego.
Then my daughter and her family and I flew out of the Tijuana Airport.
Flights are a lot less expensive out of Tijuana than San Diego. We got business class seats for less than the cost of regular seats out of San Diego.
Goodbye Tijuana!
We changed planes in Mexico City -
Then arrived at Quito, Ecuador late at night!


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