Saturday, April 17, 2021

Lots of Other Things to Do in the Palm Springs Area

Our month in Desert Hot Springs was almost up, but there were still some things we wanted to see.
Even though I had been to Coachella a few months ago, I enjoyed it so much that I took Rosemary to see the sights. There are lots of very nice murals all over town.
This one has been done since I was there.
The best thing to see is this large tree, carved with different animals and a few people.
It was completed in just a month last September.
We also took another trip to Joshua Tree National Park. This time we visited the Cholla Garden -
And stopped off the see the Oasis of Mara, although there is no longer any water there, and it looks like there has been a fire.
And then on another day we visited the Moorten Botanical Garden, a private arboretum full of desert plants.
Just gorgeous!
The Moorten's Mediterranean style home, called Cactus Castle, is also on the property.
And there were a couple of tortoises-
And some rusty stuff!


  1. There's still lots to see and appreciate on your explorations.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Love the photos. The murals remind me of a trip we took to Miami a few years ago. There is a large selection of murals just west of downtown. Murals seem to be gaining popularity in a lot of cities.


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