Sunday, May 9, 2021

Moving Uphill to Prescott Valley

After my month in the California desert, I moved back to Arizona and went up the hill to Prescott Valley. The WINs were here and I joined them for one meeting.
But I was staying at the Prescott Elks, which has this beautiful view of Fain Park.
You might be able to see my rig up on the cliff.
I went down to the park every day to walk.
The cormorants really liked to sit on the dam.
And sometimes I would see a Great Blue Heron.
Or a Road Runner.
And the best thing - there's lots of rusty stuff there, left over from when it was a gold mining area.
There's also a pretty waterfall-
But if you walk to the top of it, you can see that it's created by pumping water up from the lake. But it's still very pretty.
One night some of the WINs came over to the lodge for dinner. Lots more to see in the area!


  1. We enjoyed our week in Prescott when we visited in 2018. Have fun.

  2. Glad you are staying Safe and Enjoying the Lifestyle.
    Hope you had a Happy Mothers Day.

    It's about time.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I do so enjoy your adventures.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I do so enjoy your adventures.

  5. You know, the surface of Mars is basically rust; the free oxygen reacted with iron to create iron oxide, making the whole planet red. Maybe you should give Elon a call. There are probably still some vacant seats on an early flight. Think of the rusty photo opportunities!


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