Friday, February 3, 2017

The Biggest Gathering of the Year - Quartzsite!

125 WINs gathered in the desert just north of the town of Quartzsite. Each morning we got together to discuss what we were doing that day. Many days a hot air balloon floated above us.

I did a lot of shopping - at the Big Tent RV show and other areas of town. I didn't take any pictures. But I did get a shot of the "rusty stuff."

Both the Escapee Solos and the Loners on Wheels, other single RV groups, are parked out near us. They both had Dances in the Desert, where they invited all single RVers to join in. They were lots of fun!

The WINs invited all the single RVers to an Ice Cream Social, which was well-attended.

I even met Santa Claus!

And Bagpipe Bob showed up and entertained us.

I also went to the Escapees Happy Hour. LOTS of people here!

The 3rd Annual Bloggerfest was another highlight.

I attended with Kim and Barbara. Kim (aka Kimbopolo) is no longer blogging, but I've been following Barbara (Me, My Dog and My RV) since before she went on the road.

Even the dogs enjoyed getting to meet each other.

Good night!


  1. You guys are so busy. I thought of you the other day when we saw a bunch of rusty stuff. Lol. Quite the group you have out there.

  2. That is, indeed, quite a group. We have never been to Q but would certainly like to one day. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!


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