Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy New Year!

While I usually spend Christmas with my grandkids in San Diego, this year I spent New Years there. Mara, her friend Keira, and Jonathan stayed up until midnight!

Keira also helped Mara and my daughter Corrie on Mara's very complicated science project on how to make the best marshmallows. Fortunately, there was a lot of tasting involved.

The kids always want to do some crocheting when I go there. This time they learned "double crochet," and the kids decided they wanted to make a blanket! They started out with a very big ball of yarn -

And 2 weeks later, Jonathan was on his 3rd ball of yearn!

After leaving them, I moved up the the Apache Junction Elks Lodge. The beautiful sunsets just go on and on!

And the birds still welcome me. This time a Cactus Wren.

But the best part of the Elks Lodge is their wonderful view of the Superstition Mountains!


  1. dang ! those kids are big now ! time fly bye !

  2. The Elks Lodge sure looks like a beautiful place to stay. Gorgeous pictures of the sunsets 😊


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