Thursday, February 23, 2017

I'm Off to Mexico!

In all my years of RVing, I have never taken the RV into Mexico. But that has changed! I'm parked, along with 60 other WINs, in Puerto Penasco (aka Rocky Point) just 60 miles south of the border on the beach of the Sea of Cortez.

One of the first things I did was to go on an ultralight flight. Wow! I've always wanted to do this! Three pilots were lined up waiting for us.

I chose this guy because his equipment looked the newest, and he had ear protection.

Okay, I'm ready...

And off we go! They take off on a dirt road that is shared with cars.


We made a steep turn and headed back towards where we are parked at Concha del Mar campground.

We're following the coastline up to the port of Puerto Penasco.

At one point, another of our group flew right beneath us. This guy was more daring, but I liked my guy, who seemed safer.

Our view of Concha del Mar. It's not usually this crowded, but about half of the RVs are WINs.

There I am - my rig is in the circle.

The port - this is where we turned around.

And headed back by the fancy hotels, which seemed to be pretty vacant.

Our landing spot is past the buildings.

I made it !!!

That night was the first of many beautiful sunsets.

Lots more to come!


  1. Sounds like a very fun day and great pics from the sky 😊

  2. Wow, how exciting is THAT!?! I'm glad you got to experience it, and fun for us to see all the photos. Beautiful sunset. Looking forward to more! :)

  3. That looked like a great adventure. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. That is amazing!! What an awesome ride!! Spectacular view!!

  5. way cool ! you got to get one ? fit in the back of your pickup ! ha.

  6. I always wanted to fly in an ultralight. Very cool that you got to experience that, and in such a beautiful location!

  7. How many times did your life flash before your eyes as you flew? :cD


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