Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Looking Around Puerto Penasco

Life on the beach here in Mexico has been wonderful. Not only are there beautiful sunsets, but sunrises as well. (If I get up early enough...)

Walking around the cute little town of Puerto Penasco is also fun.

The malecon is a short distance from where we are parked.

There's a statue here of a fisherman sitting on a giant shrimp. They do have big shrimp here, but not quite that big...

The birds like him -

And all the other statues too!

There are some beautiful murals in town, and I like the cute little trailer.

And this mosaic is just gorgeous!

Of course like all Mexican towns, there are lots of unfinished buildings with rebar sticking out of them. But there is also some interesting architecture.

I don't think these palm leaves are fooling anyone...

And of course there are stores galore, but this was my favorite. Three stories full of stuff.

You had to go to the top floor to find the rusty stuff. It was hard to resist...

And of course there are plenty of restaurants too. We ate out a few times.

Up on the hill next to the port is a lighthouse, but you can't go up it.

Next to the lighthouse was a gorgeous restaurant with a view of the harbor. I didn't get there this trip, but maybe next time.

But I did get to Lucky's for breakfast. If you buy a $5 drink, you get a free breakfast!


  1. so are you going back ? $5 breakfast/ drink and a view ! doesn't get any better, i.m.o. ! ha.

  2. It looks like a place that I'd like to go. $5 dollar breakfast can't be beat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Great pictures - it looks like you had a good time. But I guess it would be hard NOT to! Lots to do and see and some great rusty stuff! :)

  4. Looks like a great place to have breakfast!! Can't beat the $5.
    Great pics!!

  5. Sounds like you enjoyed your time there, and who can resist a $5.00 drink that includes breakfast 😊

  6. Always love seeing your blogs Diana. See you down the road.


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