Wednesday, January 11, 2017

December in Yuma

I spent most of the month of December in Yuma, AZ, the sunniest place on earth. For the first part of the month, I stayed at the Paradise Casino, close to walking paths along the Colorado River.

While there, I saw the Christmas Light Parade in Old Town Yuma.

More than 90% of the winter vegetables grown in the US are grown in the Yuma area.

One day several of us went on a tour of the Yuma Territorial Prison.

I sure wouldn't want to be locked up here!

Outside the prison, there is an overlook above the Yuma Crossing, where early California setters crossed the Colorado River. Of course in those days, the river was much wider because there were no dams.

The Ocean-to-Ocean Highway was the first bridge across the lower Colorado River, built 100 years ago.

I got my mug shot taken in the prison. They had a unique was of taking a profile and front shot of the prisoner at the same time.

One day we went to another Tamale Festival, this time in Somerton, AZ. I had a delicious tamale, but was too busy eating to take a picture.

Are we really in the US? The signs in the bathroom were only in Spanish!

And of course there were more beautiful sunsets!


  1. Sunsets in the desert around Yuma are so incredible. And it sure looks like you kept busy.

  2. I never realized that 90% of our winter vegetables were grown in Yuma!!
    You are right, I wouldn't want to spend one night in that jail!! Nice mug shot :-)

  3. I enjoyed your pics and post. Thanks for sharing.


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