Saturday, July 16, 2016

Old Salmon River Trail

We had one last hike while in the Government Camp, OR area - The hike along the Old Salmon River Trail.

The trail goes through an old growth forest with some fantastic moss-covered trees.

We went by lots of "nursery logs."

This fern on top of a rock looked like hair on top of a face to me.

We saw a Common Merganser mama with 13 babies!

Look at that hairdo!

They were headed upstream, and it was fun to watch the babies climb the rapids.

We also saw a gross slug crawling along.

And the grandaddy of the nurse trees.

Sally had to hug some of the gigantic Red Cedar trees.

Just in case we overdid it and someone had a heart attack, there was plenty of digitalis available...


  1. Hopefully there were no "Don't Pick the Flowers" signs by the digitalis. Just in case. ;c)

  2. Wow Mama of the year right there!


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