Sunday, July 10, 2016

More Waterfalls and Timberline Lodge

Sally and I went to a few more waterfalls while in the Mt. Hood area. First up was Little Zigzag Falls. The short trail to the falls was really nice.

We went by lots of little falls on the way there.

And went over this beautiful moss-covered bridge.

Little Zigzag Falls.

On another day, the group went on a tour of Timberline Lodge, up the hill on Mt. Hood.

We had a great tour guide! Most, but not all, of the group here are WINs.

My favorite part of the tour was the Blue Ox Bar, featuring murals of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox.

They have a sign asking you not to carve on the tables, but I think it's too late...

The famous heavy door out to the balcony was locked. But I borrowed some kids to pose, since the WINs were long scattered.

The next day, Sally and I hit a couple more waterfalls. First up - Sahalie Falls, which you can actually drive to.

And Umbrella Falls, just a short walk.

Since we needed a little more exercise, we walked uphill by the White River a little ways. Nice views -

And a Black-Tailed Deer went right by us!


  1. Aww more falls, wonderful!! ZigZag isn't there a campground with that name also, seems I remember that. Loved Oregon so much happy to see it again in your posts.

  2. I guess the people that carved up that table couldn't read... :c(


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