Friday, July 8, 2016

Mt Hood and the First of Many Waterfalls

After Bend, the WINs moved on to Government Camp, Oregon, very close to Mt. Hood. Our first outing was a walk around Trillium Lake.

I saw some wildlife - a lone Great Blue Heron.

And the Rhododendrons ("Rhodies" to the locals) were in bloom.

Getting the WINs together for a group shot is difficult, but I did it!

The next day we went on a more difficult hike to Tamanawas Falls. The hike was beautiful by itself - through the woods along the mossy-banked Cold Spring Creek.

At one point, the trail goes through 2 gigantic downed trees.

There were lots of people on the trail, including this kilt-clad Scotsman.

After a while, the trail leaves the woods and climbs steeply through a rock field.

Our first view of 100-foot high Tamanawas Falls.

A closer view of the roaring falls.

You can even climb up behind the falls if you so desire.

Three of us enjoying lunch and the view.

There are many more waterfalls to come!


  1. I sure enjoyed my stay at Trillium lake, so happy to see Tamanawas Falls one I did not get to hike to when I was in OR.
    Beautiful photos!!

  2. Did you peek under the Scotsman's kilt to see if he was wearing any undies? ;c)


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