Sunday, May 8, 2016

So Much to See in Page!

In all my travels, I have to say that Page, AZ is one of my very favorite places. There is so much to see here! Rosemary and I started out going to Marble Canyon and Lee's Ferry.

The Marble Canyon bridge is where the California Condors hang out. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't good and I guess they were hiding away in their caves. But 4 years ago I got incredible close-up shots of the huge birds. That post is here.

Lee's Ferry is where boats and rafts take off for their trip through the Grand Canyon. We saw the whole realm of possibilities - from huge rafts down to very small dories.

The river trail goes by a very old half-building -

And some neat rusty stuff!

Back on the road between Marble Canyon and Lee's Ferry are some unique Balanced Rocks.

And also the Cathedral Wash Trail, which we walked a little bit of. The Prince's Plume were blooming like crazy!

On another day, 6 of us WINs went on a short hike to the Hanging Garden. It starts near the dam.

We also went to the viewpoint for Horseshoe Bend, a very picturesque view of the Colorado River a little south of town.

I wonder if I can jump over to it...

In town, we went to the Scenic Overlook, a view of the dam and the Colorado River below the dam.

It sure does look appealing.

The dam itself was closed to tours while they redid the elevator.

We also went to the Wahweap Overlook, where we got a good view of the marina where we caught the boat to Rainbow Bridge.

Back at camp, it was a gorgeous sunset!


  1. You look cold and all bundled up. But it's so beautiful.

  2. It wasn't that long ago we were there at many of the same places. Loved it there. We really enjoyed Lee's Ferry too! Yours is about the 4th blog I've read of folks who were just there!

  3. Lone Rock is one of our favorite all time spots to dry camp...spent two weeks there in the winter of 2015.

  4. Thank goodness you're back! I've been grounded since janyary and have at least 6 more weeks to go (or stay as the case might be) before I can hit the road. Love the pictures of one of my favorite places, too!


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