Monday, May 23, 2016

Just a Few More Pictures of Bryce

Fairyland Point is the northernmost overlook in the park, actually before the entrance station.

Behind Barbara and Ron you can see the Sinking Ship going down.

We also did a short hike from Sunrise Point -

Walking along the Rim Trail -

To Inspiration Point.

I just loved how the hoodoos were different colors.

This tree was standing on its tip-toes to see the beauty of it all!



  1. Beautiful! And that tree is amazing. It must have had the ground under it erode and erode and erode. ??? I've never seen anything like that. Really cool. :)

  2. We are looking to our visit there soon. Looks great.

  3. What beautiful, beautiful photos! That tip-toe tree is my fav.

  4. Have you been to Cedar Breaks National Monument? It is in the same area as Zion and Bryce. Absolutely gorgeous place to see.


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