Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Favorite - Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is not as commercial as Upper, costs less, and I think it's better! Seven of us went on a tour with Fern, who was very good. You enter the canyon by going down 5 flights of stairs.

The view at the bottom of the stairs. It's immediately amazing!

As we went through the canyon, it gradually rises over some short and tall ladders, this one being the tallest at 25 feet. When I first visited the canyon back in 1996, there were no ladders. You started from the top, and just went as far as you could. If you were really daring, you could climb down the Moki steps to the left of the present day ladder.

The trail meanders through the canyon.

It's hard to believe that this beauty was sculpted by flash flooding.

Time for a photo op! With me are fellow WINs Deb, Dawn, Paul, Sherial, Dan and John.

Some spots are kind of narrow -

But always beautiful.

Another photo op! Because we went on a sunny day, the colors got brighter higher up in the canyon.

A minor distraction...

More beautiful swirls -

And more -

And even more!

The arch above the crowd is supposed to look like a woman with her hair blowing out behind.

One more ladder and we are up to ground level -

And we emerge from the depths! It used to be that you went down the crack and then came up the long ladder at the other end. They changed it around 3 years ago, and I agree it makes it easier to do it in this direction.

I highly recommend Lower Antelope Canyon to anyone in the Page area. There are two tour companies at the canyon. We went with Ken's Tours and were very pleased.


  1. We got to Page on Sunday and are going to be touring Lower Antelope in a couple days. Thanks for the preview... can't wait to see it in person! -Mike & Kathie (Life Rebooted).

  2. It looks a lot easier than when we went. I must make a return visit. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We did the upper, it was awesome, must try to get back and do this one too!

  4. All those swirls almost make you feel sea sick! Amazing geology.


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