Sunday, December 6, 2015

Still Moving South - A Little Too Slowly

Even though I'm a month behind on the blog, Petersburg, VA was a little chilly in early November. Petersburg is another important Civil War location, and has an interesting "Old Town." The Courthouse was built in 1838 and managed to survive the Siege of Petersburg, when it was the Confederate headquarters.

It's nice that the statue on top holds her arm out to provide a place for birds to park themselves.

Down in the Öld Town section of town are some cool old buildings.

Parts of the movie "Lincoln" were filmed here -

Especially on the old cobblestone streets. Abraham Lincoln himself spent time here in 1865 after the end of the war and right before he was killed.

He also spent time at Appomattox Plantation, where Ulysses S. Grant had his headquarters during the 9 1/2 month siege of Peterson during the Civil War. We got a tour of the house -

But the headquarters was closed. But I did get some pictures through the dirty windows.

We also went to the Petersburg National Battlefield, where the fog made for some interesting pictures of the cannons.

The fall color was still good there a month ago.

We also went to Midlothian, where we took a short hike to the first commercial coal mine in America.

It was discovered on the James River about 1701.

I was easily distracted on the walk. Look! A bug!

And a ladybug with a little tick friend, whom I didn't see until I looked at the photo.

We drove by a big group of Black Vultures -

And went we got back to our parking spot, a Barred Owl was there to great us.


  1. We got married in the Petersburg courthouse. We got the license in the courthouse then had to go around back and downstairs to the magistrate of marriage office which was right across from the Jail cells. Then right back up stairs to register the license where they gave us a newlywed gift box. It was pretty cool.

  2. History has left us some fascinating places to visit...Love all the critters you fond esp. the OWL.

  3. Great pictures. I am always intrigued by our history. I spent all summer traveling in the Southeast.

  4. We didn't make it to Petersburg - we ran out of time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. We visited the Pburg battlefield years ago and went around the big crater. There were some NPS archeologists digging around it and handed me a bullet they had dug up that had carvings in it made by a Confederate Civil War soldier (to pass the time while in the trench during the siege). A real thrill to hold that piece of history. :c)

  6. Loved the pretty autumn pictures. We missed fall this year because we had to go to Apache Junction, AZ at the end of August. Not complaining now that it is in the 70's.


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