Monday, December 21, 2015

Myrtle Beach

Our stay at Myrtle Beach, SC didn't begin too well, with a couple inches of rain.

But never mind - we are at the 2nd Friendliest Visitor Center in the World!

We went to the beach and just about froze to death.

We also went to Broadway at the Beach, a tourist mall with some interesting stores and a lighthouse.

The fish here know that the tourists feed them.

But the big attraction here is the Upside Down House.

I don't know what happened here, but it really landed hard on this other building.

King Kong is also here -

And he grabbed a plane that was flying by.

We also went on a pontoon boat ride on the Waccamaw River.

The dark water made for some beautiful reflections.

We didn't see any alligators, but saw lots of turtles.

And quite a few sunken ships.

We sat through a 120-minute time share presentation (which actually was well over 200 minutes) to get free tickets to the Carolina Opry Christmas Show. (Won't fall for that again) But it was a great show, with beautiful songs -

And some crazy segments too.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Enjoyed seeing your visit to Myrtle Beach. Have wanted to stop by there, but think I'll wait for warmer weather.

  2. Congrats on surviving that time share presentation, I'm sure it wasn't easy. Hope your arms aren't too sore from all the twisting those sales people do. ;c)


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