Friday, August 8, 2014

Where Am I Off To This Time?

Flying out of Seattle, I got a great view of Lake Washington and the area around the city. And a little further east, we flew right by -

Mount Rainier!

I changed planes in Chicago, heading further East. What would make me do such a crazy thing??? You know I like to stay in the West.

Ah hah! Baby Asha was calling to me to come visit.

And as an added bonus, my other 2 grandchildren, Mara and Jonathan, were visiting at the same time. Since they live on the other side of the US, I probably won't get to see them all together too often.

Of course, my daughter, Dr. Corrie, was there too. Mark and Carisa really enjoyed having their own personal pediatrician.

One day, they drove up to visit with Pop-Pop, my 93-year old father in Pennsylvania. The kids really liked his Triumph Spitfire - thought it was just the right size for them.

And they got to play on the neighbor's equipment too.

We all went to Hershey Chocolate World for the day.

My very favorite candy! Originally a separate company, Reese merged with Hershey back in 1963.

There is a free Great American Chocolate Tour ride that shows how chocolate is made. You even get free smells along the way, probably so you'll get hungry and buy stuff later...

We went on it a couple times, because they give you one of their products at the end. Enjoy the free tour, because everything else there is VERY expensive!

For lunch, Corrie and Mara had chocolate barbeque chicken pizza. Yum!

After lunch, the kids and Corrie made their own candy bar.

And then there was just enough time to hit the gift shop before heading home.


  1. Fun with Chocolate YUM! Family is more fun with kids around...:o)

  2. Nice! Looks like you and the kids and grandkids are having a blast!

  3. Now that was a flight worth taking. And seeing all your grandkids at the same time is wonderful! They are so adorable, it's fun being a grandparent! :c)

    What is it about our ninety something fathers and their sports car convertibles? :cD

  4. Best reason in the world to travel-Grandkids:)

  5. Make your own chocolate bar! I want to do that. I bet that wasn't free.

  6. We just went in April, we are currently living in Scranton and in the downsizing phase and hoping to hit the road and head west next summer. I, too, love Hershey's (second only to See's!) Your family is lovely and it does look like you had a very great reason to get on that plane and visit! :-)


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