Saturday, April 6, 2013

They're Kicking Us Off the Ship!

To begin the last leg of our cruise, the trip back to Honolulu, our ship had to negotiate a very tiny channel out of the harbor in Kaua'i.

We again needed help from the tug boats, but first this one put on quite a show doing "wheelies" outside our window.

The captain had quite an audience to see if he would make it. No problem!

We cruised out of the harbor with ease.

We had a 2:00 departure time so that we could see the Na Pali coast from the ocean.

We didn't get the best pictures because we were looking into the sun, but it was still quite a sight to see.

That evening was the best entertainment of the cruise. First, we saw ventriloquist/comedian Kenny Byrd.

THEN - The highlight of the cruise for me! Oh What a Night, a musical tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. I wish I had taken more videos, but I do have these 2 short ones.

They are playing in Branson, MO now through the end of May. If you will be there, don't miss it!

We also had a tribute to the staff, the captain and the 2nd captain. Wait a minute!!! Who's driving the ship???

Bright and early the next morning, we pulled back into Honolulu.

Whoa! That looks scary! Glad we didn't have to anchor. We docked and made our way to the airport to begin the 2nd half of our "Vacation from our permanent vacation."


  1. Very nice blog post!

    Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

  2. Vacations are always so much fun. I feel like we're on a vacation this week being down here.

  3. Oh darn, over so soon!! I would have enjoyed that show and I'm glad you posted the videos. What fun!

  4. I'm wondering which was your favorite island.

  5. Not to worry, the maid was on the helm! ;c)

  6. I'm glad you got those videos. Even if I had brought my camera, I probably would have been too stunned to use it. They were amazing.


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