Monday, January 7, 2013

Warning - Shamelessly Cheesy...

For Christmas, I ran over to San Diego to see my grandkids, Jonathan and Mara. This is a picture I put together for a plate, bowl, & mug set I had made for Jonathan. The company I used is here.

Gingerbread houses are essential in Christmas preparations. Jonathan concentrated on getting the frosting on the roof just right-

But Mara had a different idea...

Even though the song goes, "It Never Rains in Southern California," every time I go visit them, it rains. This visit was no different, but at least we got a good rainbow out of it. Aren't the kids good posers?

Finally, the big day arrives. This is the quietest you will ever see the kids...

It took about 5 minutes to open all the presents, even with posing for pictures.

Looking forward to lots of fun over the next few days!

That evening, we all went over to the other grandparents house for dinner. This is just a small portion of the decorations they have, including 3 full-size trees.

And this is just one of the 3 fried turkeys they made.

A typical picture of the 5 cousins -

And the day ended with a great sunset.

The next few days involved a lot of Lego assembly, but Jonathan did not need any help. He's quite the engineer!

But the best Christmas present of all was their brand new dog, Coco. Not only did the kids get a new friend, but Coco got a home and family for Christmas. Now that is one lucky dog!


  1. Holy Doodle!! Now that is Christmas decorations. I would hate to be the one to dust all of those.
    So very very happy that Coco got a forever home just in time for Christmas. Yipee!!!!

  2. Unless that gingerbread house has cream cheese frosting, I see noting cheesy here. Kids are good for the soul! Their unbridled joy at the simplest of thngs is a good reminder for us to enjoy life!

  3. This is what makes Christmas so special and so joyous. I thought I used to over decorate at Christmas but I guess not. And a new home for Coco makes it absolutely a perfect day.

  4. A wonderful holiday spent with family...cute photos of everyone! Those decorations were amazing!

  5. Great that you got to spend the time with the kids. Loved that Lego engineer, he could rent his talent to fumble fingered adults like me that try to build things from Legos.

  6. Great shots, but I think Coco is the all round winner. A Christmas he'll never forget!

  7. How fun - what a wonderful family. The grandkiddles are very cute. What a win-win for Coco and the kids. Nice Christmas, for sure, and one to remember. :)

  8. I enjoyed every one of those photos. Makes me remember when my grandkids were younger...such fun times at Christmas. And rescuing Coco is just the frosting on the cake (or the gingerbread house!).

  9. That other house looks like a museum! Wow!

  10. Aww you had a fab Christmas visit! So nice...and LOVE the new doggie, he is very lucky!!

  11. Fun times with the grandkids. I'm wit Mara on the frosting idea. Best is Coco all the way around.

  12. Not "cheesy" at all - cute kids and great pictures.

    The only problem with the "beautiful Christmas house" is you have to take all those decorations down. I hate that!

  13. Enjoyed the photos of the kids. Thanks for sharing.


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