Thursday, January 10, 2013

Traveling Solo? Come Join Us in Quartzsite!

Some of you may have heard that the single RV group that I belong to, WIN, has recently changed management. Maynard (shown here in front) is now our leader. He has some great new ideas, and I think he'll give the organization a real boost. Our website is here.

So, if you will be in Quartzite from January 17 - 31, come by and check us out. We'll be 2 miles out on Plomosa Rd (33.757947, -114.178387). We get together at 4:00 each afternoon.

One thing Maynard has changed is that you no longer have to be under 70 to join. It is still an active group, but the age restriction is gone. If you would like to join, an application is on the left side of the blog under "Pages."

We like to hike,




And just go crazy!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


  1. I thought I would be in Q, by now. A few issues with the rig are keeping me up north, for a day or two longer (hopefully that is all)I definately plan on visiting the WIN encampment this year!

    See you there!

  2. I keep telling all the singles I meet about your group. And getting rid of that age limit is a great idea.

  3. I had heard there might be some changes - I'm glad the age limit is gone. Eventually I'd like to meet up with you guys, and if I'm over 70 I can still do that. It always sounds like you are having a lot of fun. :)

  4. Fun!!! I'll be there in a couple of days.

  5. Single? Everytime I have run into the WIN group, just about everyone is coupled up. Be nice if it was a real singles group, I would have joined.

  6. No Q for us this year. :c( We'll have to read about all the fun in your posts.

  7. You folks are always having so much fun. Wish I could join you.

  8. One of the gals in my book club has invited us to go out there - so we'll be there beginning January 25. She says we'll be southeast of town. I'll try to find those coordinates and maybe finally we can meet! We were so close in Colorado when I was in Lake City and you were in Creede.

  9. We all went in a singles and some of us have found some one to share this lifestyle with.Can't get much better.If you don't want to you can join the LOWS then you can be in a total singles group.
    But I think the W.I.N.S is the best choice.

  10. Bob really hit the nail on the head. I will be forever grateful that I joined the WIN group and met my Ron. The WIN friends that we have made are very special to us.

  11. Oh, I so wish. Some day... some day. In the meantime, I'll live my nomadic life vicariously through you guys. Keep WINning! Happy New Year!


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