Wednesday, January 16, 2013

FMCA Rally

While in Indio, CA, we went to the FMCA Rally at the fairgrounds there. FMCA stands for Family Motor Coach Assn. - since I don't have a motor coach, I can't belong, but they let me in anyway.

You can pay a lot of money to stay here, crammed in like sardines, or you can stay for free at the casino and go in on a day pass - $10 per day, or $8 if you belong to FMCA. Guess what I did...

There were lots of good seminars to attend, although most of the presenters were selling something. All were indoors except for this one on Freightliner chassis, where they actually had a whole chassis. Only guys went to this one.

And if you wanted a new motor coach, there were plenty to look at.

This was my favorite - a 2013 Winnebago Tour 42 GD. It had the kitchen in the front - a great idea, which made for a very comfy living area.

There was even a parade! The theme was "Under the Big Top," in case you're wondering why a clown is carrying the flag.


Lots more clowns. This is the only parade I've been to where the old people get candy!

I loved this lion -

But the pooping elephant stole the show. There was even a pooper scooper following along behind.

While we were there a huge gust of wind came up. So glad we didn't park here...


  1. That's terrible about the tree falling on the car. Looks like a fun parade. A 42' rig is much too big for me. I have not been to any rally's yet, I think staying at the casino is the better choice.

  2. Amazing the places you're able to get yourself into just by using your good looks alone.

    Didn't pick up an elephant poop for a keepsake???

  3. So Diana did you buy the Winnie?

  4. I always enjoy RV shows whether or not I am looking to get a new one. I enjoy seeing what the new design ideas are each year.

  5. WOW that motor coach is super fancy!

  6. Those look like they come with very big price tags. Oh but it is fun to look.

  7. The "pooping elephant" was very creative.

  8. Thanks for sharing the great pictures with all of us!


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