Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Living Desert

The Living Desert, in Palm Desert, CA is a wonderful zoo/botanical garden. Half is devoted to Africa, and half to North America.

I wandered around the Africa side with my friend Marian, who is an expert on African cats. It was like having my personal tour guide. Her favorite cat is the cheetah.

This is my favorite.

We went to 2 wildlife shows. This kookaburra thought everything was just hysterical.

But guess who was the star of the show! A serval!! Since I have a grandcat who is part serval (post here), I really liked this one.

She's quite a lover, especially when there's food involved.

See what those long legs are good for...

The tail end goes down the trap!

They have a huge animal hospital here -

With lots of different rooms.

But one thing you will definitely remember about The Living Desert is the model railroad - it covers 3/4 of an acre and 3300 feet of track.

The details are amazing.

It includes the world's longest G-scale wooden trestle - over 200 feet long.

They also have a really cool carousel.

But all good things must come to an end...


  1. Great photo tour to invoke memories of my visits.

  2. I especially appreciated the ending! ;)

  3. You've taken "The End" competition to a whole new level. How'd you get that owl to wink? Amazing picture! :c)

  4. FUN STUFF....thats a beautiful cat!!

  5. Love the train layout. That is really an impressive trestle. Let's see if G gauge is 1:22.5 then that trestle would be 4500 feet long. Great animal shots too.

  6. Thanks for the great preview. I'm headed that way in a couple of days, and will check it out.
    John Juanderlust

  7. Great place ... my favorite big cat is ... I can't decide; they are all gorgeous creatures.

  8. Loved the first photo! Now that is a puddy tat.

    The train layout is super. Love all kinds of trains!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas cousin!


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