Sunday, December 9, 2012

Festival of Lights

After Thanksgiving at Borrego Springs, the group moved on to the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA. They have a nice large lot, where you can park away from the few trucks that are also there.

Last Saturday we went to the Festival of Lights Parade in Palm Springs.

There were all kinds of vehicles decorated in thousands of lights, including lots of fire trucks from various cities and this garbage truck.

I sure hope there weren't any fires in Southern California that night....

We got there early and got good seats right by a traffic light. I didn't realize that all the floats would have to do the limbo to get under the lights.

We saw a huge Coca Cola truck, complete with the cute little polar bears inside.

The floats just got better and better!

I loved this old fire truck, and the horses -

And there was a Dalmatian running along too!

Remember this is Palm Springs - can't have any horse poop left on the street.

Finally - Santa and Mrs. Claus are here!

Before the parade, we went to see the big Marilyn Monroe statue here. I know you're all waiting for it ---


(Well, after one more sunset photo...)


  1. That's a lot of lights on those floats! Love that Marilyn statue. Thanks for answering the burning question of what is underneath?

  2. I don't post very often but I visit your wonderful blog almost daily. Thank you for all your words and incredible photos!!!!
    Missy from the bayou

  3. What? No bloomers on Marilyn? :cO

    Cool parade, even if there was no rusty stuff included.

    That must be a stinky job, the poop patrol guy...

  4. They always have poop patrol following parades with horses. Thank goodness!

    That was a great parade - we had one here at Quartzsite, too. I didn't see it, but I doubt it was half as good as the Palm Springs one.

  5. What a beautiful parade. We didn't attempt to go to the one here in Phoenix. Way too many people. So I'm glad I get to enjoy yours. We stayed at that Casino and it was a great place to park.

  6. Very cool!! I always enjoy seeing the way people use lights...we always take a drive around and see what people have done with their yards and homes, its FUN To see!!

  7. Nice parade of lights. Should have decorated the RVs and joined in.

    I always wondered if she wore undies. ;)

  8. Finally, finally we could see underneath!

  9. Looks like the light parade there was a bit more than the one here in Apache Junction.

  10. Great parade! All those twinkling lights are enough to put us in the holiday spirit.

  11. That parade was really something! Imagine attaching all those lights.

  12. I'm browsing travel blogs from the "Wheeling It" list this morning and stopped to look around.
    With the sense of humor you showed in the 'THE END' photo I can see I'm at the right place!

  13. Great stuff as always. Unique floats & lights.


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