Friday, December 28, 2012

Polo in Indio

When the WINs were parked in Indio, CA, we went to check out the polo grounds there. In addition to polo, there is a lovely large rose garden.

I couldn't believe how many blooms were out in the middle of winter.

Time to use the macro setting on my little Canon.

Bougainvillea climbed up many of the palm trees.

Anyone know what this tree is? It was just beautiful!

The polo grounds consisted of acres and acres of grass, with an occasional trail of horse poop.

It was not a very busy day, and we had to really search to find some players.

But finally we found a cute one!

And an even cuter one!

On January 6th, the Empire Polo Club in Indio is having Hat Day at their Sunday match. Free admission! Sounds like a lot of fun, I may go. Just have to find a hat....


  1. Oh, I want to see the picture of you in the hat!! They are definitely both cute, cute, cute.

  2. What a beautiful rose garden, and What a sweet foal you found! Never saw a tree like one...ITs WOW! Love that shot of the bee..

  3. Nice to see all those colorful flowers. Thanks for brightening the day. Please share a photo of you in your chosen hat.

  4. We've been there several times for soccer tournaments - never for polo games. I hope your weather there is good - up here in the mountains west of you it's getting down in the teens at night. Brrrr. I love the shot of the mare and foal.

  5. Wow, what gorgeous pictures on those grounds.

  6. Wonderful pictures with your new little camera, but where was the rusty stuff?

  7. Oh my - those flowers are beautiful. Guess we have to take a trip up there.

  8. roses ? In the winter time...sweet

  9. Polo in Indio? Who would have thought.

  10. I agree with Lady Nomad... I didn't know there was much polo at all in the US. I was in Brunei one time and saw one of the princes playing with a group of people there. They had beautiful horses.

    So all you need to do is wear a hat and get free admission?

    Mattress Insider

  11. Love the flower pictures. Can't wait to see the hat you choose.


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