Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Have I Never Been Here Before?

Creede, CO is a great little town, and I don't know how I've missed it before. The WINs camped in a beautiful meadow just off 149 on FR 509.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery, it was almost perfect. The only thing it lacked is cell phone reception and internet. So I'm very far behind on posting and reading blogs.

The town itself is full of unique shops at the base of some high rock structures.

The natives are very friendly.

The first day we went on a 4WD trip up FR 509 that we are parked on.

We stopped for lunch along a reservoir -

Where we were greeted by hungry chipmunks. I recently learned to tell them apart from -

Ground squirrels, who also were interested in our lunch. As you can see, chipmunks have stripes on their heads, and the ground squirrels are larger. (Especially this one...)

Farther up the road, it started precipitating, as it does every afternoon. Except this precipitation was hail.

It was a great adventure though, in spite of the weather.


  1. What a pretty little town! Reminds me of Cripple Creek, CO.

  2. Once again, we seem to be following you this summer! We're in Creede right now and plan to attend the balloon festival and other Labor Day activities. It really is a beautiful place!

  3. Looks like a great town. Love the campsite!

  4. No wonder you liked the natives, they did look a little rusty. :c)

  5. Now we wish we would have gone to Creede. We actually considered it but it was too cold and rainy a few days ago. Next time.
    We got hailed on while hiking near Monarch Pass so you were lucky to be in a vehicle. It was not fun!

  6. Absolutely looked like a near perfect place. However, the fact that there is no internet or cell phone coverage would certainly keep us away. Too bad as we really love places like that.

  7. Bob Ford, who we all know shot Jesse James was himself shot and killed there. Chek it out?

  8. I loved Creede when I visited a rock show there years ago. Nice drive.

  9. Love the natives; sounds like you found another gem of a town in Colorado.

  10. The natives are friendly.......and rusty, too!


  11. That is certainly a beautiful spot to camp. I'm going to need coordinates.


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