Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rocky Mountain National Park

While the WINs were staying in Longmont, CO, Margaret led us on a great trip through Rocky Mountain National Park. Our first stop was the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

The hotel is known for its many ghosts. It also hosted the horror novelist Stephen King, inspiring him to write "The Shining."

The furnishings are really unique.

And there's a huge bar, with some equally unique drinks. By the way, I was at Burger King today and they have a Bacon Sundae now. Is everything better with bacon?

We then entered the park, and went to see the Alluvial Fan, the result of a huge flood in 1982. An earthen dam broke, killing 2 campers and resulting in 6-foot deep flood waters rushing into the town of Estes Park.

From there we headed up the Old Fall River Road, the original road into the park. It's a one-way dirt road with steep dropoffs on one side.

At least we saw some wildlife...

When we got to the top, the views were amazing.

And we saw some real wildlife - some elk that were too far away for pictures, and these 2 adorable marmots.


  1. What great travels you have. I liked the moose.

  2. Everything is better with bacon. Try it covered in chocolate.

    Love that old road in the park.

  3. I love bacon but I'm not quite ready to try it in my drink of my ice cream. I loved The Shining. How fun to wander around that place. You're really getting desperate for wildlife aren't you?? LOL But the views even without wildlife are so worth it.

  4. I love bacon! I find it makes all vegan meals taste better... ;c)

  5. Somehow, I don't think bacon sundae is going to be much good ... or that drink! Love the wildlife :-)

  6. We stayed at the Moose Lodge. The WINs stayed there in 2005, and they have an amazing facility, and are very welcoming. Of course, you need to be a Moose member to stay there.

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  8. Only one thing smells like bacon and that's bacon! I'm a sucker for rodents for some reason, and marmots are no exception. Can't wait to see what's next!

  9. RMNP is a beautiful place...I was there one August and it snowed!!
    Beautiful views in your photos...
    Safe Travels!!

  10. Nice looking lodge! Looks like a great trip:)

  11. Never toured the hotel. did you see any ghosts?

  12. I have been to Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park and have tons of pics of wildlife, but dang if that's not the cutest moose ever. :)


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