Saturday, August 11, 2012

Free Money !!!

After Longmont, the group moved down to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, CO. The first day we went to The Money Museum at the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve. (That's where they keep all the money.)

I had heard that they were giving out free money, and it was true!

They seem to have lots of extra.

They even let the kids make their own money!

They don't make the $100,000 bill anymore, but I'll bet you didn't know whose picture was on it...

With my free money in my pocket, we headed over to see the state capitol. The dome was undergoing a renovation, hence the huge band aid.

The dome looked good from inside.

There's a lot of marble in this capitol. The red marble with black veins is from only one place in Western Colorado. And the white marble on the floor is from Marble, Colorado, where I was not too long ago - link here.
(Boy, this money is really burning a hole in my pocket...)

The detail everywhere was just fantastic.

I really liked the stained glass windows in the Senate and House chambers.

So - where did I spend my $165 of free money???

Nowhere! Nobody wanted shredded money!


  1. way to tape together all that paper? It's raining here today, so I have some free time!

  2. I want to see a picture of you taping it together. Then dinner's on you.

  3. I really enjoyed this post because my husband works at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth where they print money. We've never been to Denver but your post makes me want to go and I'm sure my husband will too. I'd love to see that museum!

    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  4. Dang, you really had me going.

  5. What a beautiful building. Too bad you couldn't really get your hands around all that money!

  6. I wasn't sure if it was you or Woodrow Wilson on that $100,000 bill. You both look so much alike! ;c)

  7. Maybe you should get in touch with the guys on all those CSI shows; they seem to manage to put shredded evidence together, perhaps they can work a miracle with your free money, too.

  8. Oh no, it's an election year and now everyone's going to want some free money!! Don't tell the politicians...

  9. HA HA,,,,I couldnt figure out if they REALLY gave you free money, they did but with a twist...figures there was alot of small print involved! The capitol looks great I notice most all the capitals seem to look very much alike...Guess its NOT a coincidence!!

  10. But I know if you really had a bag of money, you would share with your sister. :-D

  11. The free money was shredded? What a pity!


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