Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goldfield Ghost Town

Northeast of Apache Junction is the old ghost town of Goldfield. The town sprang up in 1892 when rich, high grade gold ore was found here.

The gold didn't last very long, about 5 years, but the town was bought and rebuilt in the 1980s. People in period custumes roam the streets, at least on the weekends.

I was there on Easter Sunday, so there were lots of activities, including a big gunfight, where the bad guys got away with the gold.

Or did they? Look out behind you!

The ladies from the local bordello decided they wanted the gold.

And get it they did!

And if that wasn't all the excitement I could handle, there was lots of rusty stuff!

WOW! I love it!

Some of this stuff looks like it's been here forever.

Everything is rusty - even the antique cell phone tower!

Across the street is the Elvis Chapel, which was in the movie "Charro!", that I talked about in the last post.

The movie was filmed at the Apacheland Movie Ranch. This barn is the Apacheland barn. Both these buildings were moved here after they survived a fire that destroyed the studio in 2004.


  1. Great place to on list. Reminds me of Oatman.

  2. We always make sure we visit Goldfield at least once each year we're here. Lots of fun.

  3. So that's what ladies of the night did during the day! :)

  4. Okay, so what do you like better? Gold or rusty stuff?

    I know which one I can afford! ;c)

  5. Those pictures are amazing! Looks like you had so much fun, I would love to see all these people in character ;) Hope you are having a great week!
    Safe travels,
    Vicky Car Insurance Pro

  6. Great post, good pics. I love Ghost
    Towns!! Lived in Tempe fer' two years in '69-70, didn't know about Goldfield. Good thing, I'd probably still be hangin' around.

  7. OH never saw all that shootem up when I was there--I guess I got there too early in the season..did enjoy a self guided tour of the place--
    ALL kinds of neat stuff there to poke around--I didnt realize the windmill was concealing a cell pretty clever!
    Great RUSTED photos!!

  8. That's one I have to add to our list. Love ghost towns and that looks like a fun one. Great photos.

  9. LOL boy those ladies back in the day make us modern ladies look like LADIES lol.... Wow you did great on the character shots... The area looks like a lot of fun!! So glad you are part of it...


  10. Don't stand between the ladies of the night and their gold :-)))))

  11. I am guessing the ladies won! Would that be hands down??

  12. I really like the smoke from the gunfight! What a great place to be with the camera! Good shots. Take care.

  13. Love the old church. :):):)

  14. The old wrecker reminded me of Tow-Mater from the movie Car's. Great post and great pictures, I think I saw you in the shoot out.


  15. I want a job as a bordello lady! Looks fun! :-)

  16. LOVE that first picture with the Superstitions in the background! I wonder if different people get the gold on other days. :-D

  17. I used to live in Apache Junction and we'd go to Goldfield at least a couple times a year. Did you go down into the mine? ;D Or pan for gold? My son loved it.

  18. That place looks like so much fun. Loved the pictures of the rusty stuff and that church is pretty.


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